Simple Strategy To Make Money from Instagram


Is it possible to make money from Instagram? Of course it is – people are doing it every day. Here’s a simple strategy to generate passive income on Instagram.

Tools Required

  • Instagram Automation Tool (e.g., Mass Planner)
  • Dedicated / semi-dedicated system to run the tool on (Grab a free server from Amazon!)
  • Having an established, active & engaged Instagram account really helps (social proof!)
  • Some time

The Method

  1. Cold call local small businesses – or you could even place an ad on Craigslist – and offer your services as a Social Media Expert (“SME” ™️️). Feel them out – are they doing anything on Instagram at the moment? How’s their engagement? Would they like improve their reach & see more foot traffic?
  2. Build a rapport with the business – this is a legitimate offer – you aren’t trying to scam them. Offer them proof via your existing account, or perhaps other accounts you’re managing.
  3. Offer to manage their Instagram campaign for a flat monthly fee. What do you charge? It all depends on their interest, the demand, the size of the business. Good old fashioned sales skills go a long way here.
  4. Once you’ve signed the deal, you’re basically going to use Mass Planner to target relevant hashtags within 10 – 20 miles of the business. Generally, this would be anything posted with the #cityname tag. Get creative here & think of other ways to target local customers.
  5. Profit!

Obviously this is the 30,000 foot overview of the method, but it does work. I’m currently working with 5 local businesses & making around $1000 per month – 90% on autopilot.



Be creative, show some results & offer excellent value. You’ll have people calling you! There’s absolutely no reason why anyone reading this couldn’t benefit & begin to make money from Instagram today.

Share your thoughts and / or suggestions for this method in the comments below!


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